Toshiba M400 video review; a good comparison to the M200

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Gaw_m400David Gaw has an informative, under 9 minute video review of the Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC, which is basically a refresh of the M200 line. As an M205 owner for the past 16 months, I was tempted to upgrade to the M400 this spring, but Iā€™m really looking to go smaller and lighter on the next go-around. I like how David compared the M400 in so many ways to the M200; in fact, I was surprised to see how little size difference there really is, even with the included optical drive in the M400. A few points that might be unintentionally misleading to non-M200 owners in the video:

  • The M400 has a built in accelerometer that allows screen rotation with a the push of a button; the M205 has the same function.
  • Holding the joystick down on the M400 brings up an easy to use menu of Toshiba apps; same on the M205 today, although there are fewer apps.

These very minor points aside, this is a well-produced and informative video that any potential M400 (or M200) buyer should see. Nice job David!

(via Life on the Wicked Stage)

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Tablet PC User

Great video review! Now I know that I am NOT going to get an M400…for personal reasons….

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