OmniWeb 5.5 Public Beta


The Omni Group has released a public beta of the next version of their OmniWeb browser. Version 5.5 brings some much needed changes to OmniWeb, most notably the switch from the aging WebCore engine to a recent build of WebKit. I have participated in the private beta of 5.5, and its stable enough for me to use as my main browser. Keep in mind however that this is beta software, and crashes will be par for the course. For better or for worse, though in my opinion for the worse, The Omni Group decided to mark up the menu-bar of the beta with a hazard stripe pattern. I understand that they want users to know they are using beta software, but if someone is going to go to the trouble of downloading and installing the beta, they probably know the risks involved. Additionally, the beta will only run for 15 days. Omni Group engineers have assured me that this is simply to ensure that people are using the most recent builds of the beta as they are released.

Update: Josue points out that the disk image for the beta requires a password that can only be found at the Omni Group Forums



good thing, omnigroup marked the software with “hazard stripes”. you cannot imagine how people forget it’s beta software

some people will surely copy that version to others

and in a mere seconds, omnigroup will be assaulted by people asking “why your sh….ing software is so BAD???!”

omnigroup should change the icon too.


“The Omni Group has released a pubic beta”

It’s also woth noting that the beta is for some reason related to, or located in the region of the pubis or the pubes.



Please do not post the password here. There is a reason OmniGroup wants to keep it to forum members only.

Josue Salazar

Anyone reading should know you need a password to open the dmg, and the password is in a members only forum so you need to register in their forum to run this beta.

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