Mobile Streaming Changes Need For Music Ownership — EMI Exec

EMI Music senior vice president for Digital Development Ted Cohen has predicted that widespread deployment of high-bandwidth networks — particularly 3G — will see people choosing to stream music rather than own it. “In such a scenario, mobile users do not have to store music they want but listen in to Internet radio programs or subscribe to a service that lets people create personalized playlists that can be streamed to their mobile phones.”
There are some challenges the music industry has to face with the new distribution model, according to Cohen, including “new royalty schemes for artists, direct online distribution of music by original artists and implementation of new legal protection rights, one of which includes the use of digital rights management technology”. He also said that the new technology could curb music piracy, “which he said started when music lovers did not have any method of acquiring music”. That’s the first music label executive I’ve ever heard admit that a big driver of music piracy was the inability of people to get what they wanted legally.

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