@ Milken: Citizen Journalism and The Business Models

Updated below: Our panel at Milken conference went well…not the greatest, but solid. Part of it was we got locked into this room which was small, and had even less people…and we as panelists agreed too much, right until the end when one of us started some controversy. The age-old debate: whether blogging is journalism, or otherwise.
I gave my familiar spiel, though to a different kind of crowd, about the need to encourage more entrepreneurs within journalism, the need for media companies and journalists to embrace the Silicon Valley startup culture, and the “for-profit philanthropic” mindset (not my phrase..Jonathan Weber of NewWest mentioned it) for a lot of Web 2.0 or the citizen journalism startups.
Then, in terms of business models, I mentioned three specific trends in the user-generated journalism: one is the distributed model, where content and news is being surfaced by search and aggregation companies like Technorati (CEO David Sifry was also on our panel), where the business model is for these middlemen; the other extreme is where big media companies are opening up, in fits and starts, and embracing outside blogs and either incorporating their content and/or buying them; and then the middle ground, where media startups like NewWest, BackFence and others operate. There are nuances to this, but this is the general big-picture trendline.
Anyway, later, I did an interview with Weber, on his news/media startup NewWest, which focuse on the Rocky Mountain region and is pioneering some of the citizen-media hybrid models being tried out there. I’ll post the audio of his interview later in the week…
Update: Will Richardson blogs our panel..well most of it anyway.