EV-DO vs. EDGE: Round One at PocketNow


Xv6700As any MobileTechRoundup listener will attest, all three of the hosts love EV-DO; Tim Marman from Slashstar explained it best in a note to us: "it’s disruptive". A Verizon Wireless customer for over four years, I’ve never had the chance to test any cellular data service other than EV-DO. So am I missing with EDGE or is the grass greener on the EV-DO side of the fence? That’s what Brandon Miniman is about to tell me (er, all of us really) with his multi-part post explaining what EV-DO can do that EDGE cannot. Looking forward to this series, Brandon!



There really is no comparision…. so why is someone trying to compare them? It’s like comparing a 4 Cyl Honda Civic to a Ferrari in a speed test. What’s the point?

Dave Zatz

There’s really no comparison in speed… I have an EVDO card and have played with EDGE I can tell you EVDO blows away EDGE. *If* I’m lucky I get twice dial-up speed on EDGE, while my EVDO card is routinely/regularly faster than my home DSL connection. Case closed.

Amongst my friends, I’ve trained everyone to call it “Ehv-Doh” because it’s quick and flows well. I don’t care that it’s wrong. ;)

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