Trio of UMPCs for sale at Dynamism


Dynamism_logoIf you just can’t decide which UMPC to buy, Dynamism is offering a choice of three. Heck, maybe you need more than one? While shipments are either delayed or TBD, you can currently review the specs of Samsung’s Q1, the R2H from Asus, or the TabletKiosk eo. Of particular note is that Dynamism is only carrying the 512 MB 40 GB storage version of the eo for $999, not the 256 MB version with a 30 MB drive. In my opinion, the extra $100 is well worth the memory investment if you plan to run more than a few apps concurrently, plus you gain 33% more storage capacity.

While I’ve never purchased from Dynamism previously, I believe James has had very positive experiences with them (his first Sony "U" was purchased there, if I recall), so they tend to have a favorable reputation.

Thanks for the tip Dave!

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