SES-Aloha Mobile TV Venture: Some More Details

Some more details on the SES-Aloha Partners tie-up about starting mobile TV service in U.S. (we covered it here last night)
RCR: Hiwire is the newly minted subsidiary of Aloha Partners…Hiwire is testing DVB-H technology in Las Vegas, and plans to roll it out commercially later this year. Eventually, Hiwire expects to spend about $500 million to deploy mobile TV in the top 150 markets, said Scott Wills, Hiwire COO.
MultiChannel: Hiwire is notable in part because of its cable connections. In addition to Aloha CEO Charles Townsend, the former president of Colony Communications in Providence, R.I., Hiwire has investment funding from cable veterans including Continental Cablevision Inc. founder Amos Hostetter, former Prime Cable CEO Bob Hughes, and former Daniels Cable president John Saeman.