@ NAB: RTNDA: On-Demand News Still At The Beginning


The first appearance by Vivian Schiller since her appointment at GM of NYTimes.com was announced yesterday … Other panelists include Jonathan Lees, president/GM, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group; David Payne, SVP/GM, CNN.com; Bernie Gershon, SVP/GM, ABC News Digital Media Group.
— Schiller doesn’t start her new job until May but she has been working with NYTimes.com on video for a while. Until the redesign, she said, “We did our best to hide. You couldn’t find it without a sherpa.” Podcasting has been successful; NYTimes.com is about to launch video podcasting. In what Schiller said is a first for her, the Times is encouraging spending on video: “How can we spend more money and get bigger faster? … I’ve never seen such a big, green light. It”s just a matter now of moving wisely.” (That last is a bit of an exaggeration, as she said during an interview later in the day.)
— Gershon welcomed the NYT entry into video, adding, “In the long term, killing trees is not a business.”
— Lees showed a fast-paced video that explains “always on” CBS4.com. (Trying to find a link because it’s a very good look at what local TV can do online.)
— Moderator Shelly Palmer, Advanced Media Ventures Group: On iTunes, Apple is the brand and the programmers are the content providers, unlike TV where “Lost” is the brand.
— Payne: Pipeline is the first example for CNN of Web 2.0, moving from a newspaper model online to “an integration of everything we’ve seen in Web 1.0.”
— As Gershon noted, it’s 11 years this month since ABC News announced at NAB that it had a deal with Real to stream news audio online.
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