Interview with Jory Bell of OQO

1 Comment moderator tnkgrl recently visited OQO and recorded a nice interview with Jory Bell, the man behind the OQO.  The podcast covers a lot of ground and takes a look at what might be coming in the next version of the OQO.  Worth a listen if you are curious about the direction OQO is heading.  I found it particularly interesting that Jory is not concerned with the UMPC nor the DualCor cPC.  Time will tell.  She recorded the podcast directly on the OQO and if you listen carefully you can hear the device fan running.


1 Comment

John Lange

I hate to violate the spirit of Dennis Rice’s recent bold soapbox stand on not starting meaningless device/platform wars, but I can’t resist taking a shot at the target Jory Bell makes of himself during this pretty hard hitting and well done interview by tnkgrl. James you were being impressively restrained and diplomatic to say you found it “particularly interesting” that Jory is seemingly unconcerned about the coming competition. I wish I could say he sounded disingenious, but in fact he sounded downright dismissive. If I thought his attitude was still warranted, I would grant him the right to do a choreographed endzone dance. Yeah, the only thing shipping in this game right now is the OQO, but many of us will be impatiently waiting until June for the $1000 eo, and in the meantime credit cards will be itching to purchase the $1200 Q1 or the $1500 cPC when they surely become available in the next couple months. Whether Jory realizes it or not, I think the market is about to move obliviously ahead of his confident perspective…..Oh and I’d love to hear Ciccone talk some smack back to Jory on the next MOTR podcast…sorry Dennis, I lost control of myself again

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