Evesham BM-6380: dodge speed cams and find your way

6380_satnavI was really enjoying my two week trial of Traffic Vizzion, where I can view the traffic cams in my area on my XV6700. Traffic just came to a halt for me because I noticed this write-up of the Evesham BM-6390 Satnav for the UK market. The BM-6390 puts my viewing of traffic cams to shame because it not only functions as a GPS handheld; it also alerts you to upcoming cameras for speed traps. Not that I drive fast (or in the UK, I might add), but that function is an interesting use of camera data.

A brief review indicates that the device takes almost two minutes to acquire satellite signals, which is far too long. The integrated navigation system I have my Toyota Highlander Hybrid finds its location in just seconds; after I agree to the annoying EULA, that is. Still for ex-IRL drivers or those who liken every road to the Autobahn, the handheld GPS might be worth 300 pounds. Now if they can just integrate those traffic cams…


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