CNET Conference Call: Webshots’ Competition With Facebook; Gamespot vs IGN Etc


Surprisingly, the CNET Q1 earnings conference call focused a lot on competition between Webshots (mainly because of how the phtoto sharing site which CNET bought out is not growing as fast as expected): “While we have grown Webshots significantly and it is one of the largest photo sharing sites, it was impacted by increasing competition, including the launch of photo sharing by The Facebook during the fourth quarter“. That is funny, ’cause that is precisely why CNET just launched a direct Facebook competitor, called CollegeLive…
Later, Neil Ashe: “We would agree that they’re very different properties and very different user propositions. The reality is that the launch of photos on Facebook has exploded their traffic around photos…while we have been and will continue to be very competitive with Facebook and those 10 million or so people that are in college in the United States, Webshots has a large and continually strong opportunity with all of the rest of the people in the world. So we remain very excited about Webshots and where it is; it’s just going through a couple of months of changing user demand, and we see that in the comp score ranking.”
On competition on Gamespot side: “We have not seen a lot of impact. I’m sure that will – I assume they will do more together over the next year, 1.5 years, but we really have not seen a lot of impact. IGN and GameSpot have been traditionally two very different properties. IGN is focused more in a lifestyle area and has done a lot of stuff out of the games area. GameSpot traditionally has stayed very hard core in the games area and really I think is unmatched in what it does in terms of game coverage. We have not seen a lot of changes and I think it’s clearly on our radar screen. We pay a lot of attention to it. I think we feel very good about the competitive position that GameSpot’s in.”

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