US TV Stations Seek Share Of Networks’ New Revenue

TV stations are angling for a piece of new media video revenue, including that generated on mobile phones. “Every new device is a potential user of our content and every new stream of programing is potentially a new source of revenue,” said David Rehr, chief executive of the NAB, which represents hundreds of local television stations, at the trade group’s annual meeting…”We want to be on new devices that haven’t even been brought to market yet.” I think the rational is that the new media will reduce watchers of regular TV, thus requiring some sort of compensation. “Networks and local affiliates must share in new revenue streams, as they are partners in building brands and creating value,” Rehr said. “This will also help ensure the continued viability of the invaluable network/affiliate relationship.” It seems to be analogous to when Fox signed an agreement with 187 affiliates to give them a share of the revenue of showing reruns on the internet.