Sony licenses video streaming software for Windows Mobile


Sony has announced the licensing of LocationFree software for Windows Mobile and cellular phones to ACCESS.  ACCESS is to develop software that will allow Sony’s LocationFree Base Station to stream video to Windows Mobile devices, cellular phones, and the PSP.  Sony indicated licenses will be granted to other companies to help push the LocationFree platform.  The Sony LocationFree Basestation streams TV via WiFi and previously has only worked with Sony LocationFree handheld TVs.  Sony has never had big sales numbers in the US and this is obviously an attempt to sell more base stations that can be used with other devices.  It is likely too little too late with the popularity of the Sling Box and the Orb network.

(via JCN Network)



It’s not too late if a satellite or cable settop box manufacturer includes this in their settop…That would be cool.

There are a lot of folks that have settops that don’t have slingboxes.

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