Guilds Reach Rev Share Agreement on Mobile Content With Disney/Touchstone, For “Lost”

The three main creative guilds, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and the Directors Guild of America have signed its first revenue sharing arrangement in the mobile content arena… it’s with Touchstone TV and covers “directors, unit production managers and assistant directors of so-called “mobisodes” for the ABC series “Lost”…the series is called “Lost Video Diaries”.
According to the Guilds, the deal was reached after its members who work on Lost insisted that proposed mobisodes be guild-covered.
The WGA deal calls for use on mobiles after 13 weeks to trigger a residual like the pay TV model of 1.2% of the license fee for such use. The figure remains the same if the mobisode is downloaded via the Internet, and rises to 2% if the Internet download is ad-supported.
SAG says its deal provides for an escalating minimum wage beginning at $425 for an eight-hour day retroactive to April 1, and increases to $450 on April 1, 2007. Residuals are also triggered after 13 weeks, and an actor will get a $75 advance against a residual of 3.6% of the license fee. That figure also stays the same for Internet downloads, and jumps to 6% if ad-supported.
According to Variety, Residuals apply against the distributor’s share of revenue, which is usually around half of what consumers pay after cell phone carriers take their cut.
The WGA release is here, the DGA release is here, and the SAG release is here.
Variety: Touchstone has agreed to work with the guilds on future mobile series, most likely on similar terms…Guild reps indicated that, in the short term, they’d be happy to use the “Lost” agreement as a template for deals with other studios. The unions were surprised Monday by Fox’s announcement of the “Prison Break” mobile series — its second — and said they plan to try to get involved.