Free service of the moment: PXN8

Pxn8_effectsJames occasionally has a "Freeware of the moment", so I thought to shake things up with a free service instead. is a fantastic online service that allows you to edit photos without any fancy expensive software on your device; I could see this handy on one of those new fangled UMPCs everyone keeps talking about. ;)

To use the service, just head over to; there’s no log-in or registration required. Next, pick an image that’s already online or browse to one that’s locally stored; make sure the image is under one Megabyte in size. Once the image file is loaded, it will appear on the PXN8 site and you can use any (or all) of the tools provided; the options are shown in the screen cap to the right.

Granted, Adobe Photoshop or another off-the-shelf application will have more options, but if you need some quick and dirty photo or image editing, just fire up your browser and start "pix-en-ating". You can save the output to a local file or you can post it directly to Flickr. Just for kicks, I tried using PXN8 in the Opera browser on my Windows Mobile 5 device and while I was able to upload an image, it never refreshed the image after choosing an effect. Still, this looks like a useful tool all in all and can be accessed from anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection.

(via OhGizmo!)


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