Five McNealy One Liners


Scott McNealy is no longer the chief executive of Sun Microsystems. Wow…. it truly is an end of an era. (Okay he is still the chairman, but that’s not like he is The Chairman.)

Damn, I am going to miss his one liners and swings at Microsoft. How can you forget the infamous (and very funny) Ballmer and Butthead quip. Or him calling “Windows operating system a hairball.” Given that it is an emotional day, it might be tough for him to think of new ones, so here are a few. Scott, feel free to use any or all of them.

* Jonathan, clean up this mess, will ya!
* Frequent flyer miles….mmmm!
* Larry, Steve… you guys are on your own.
* You won Bill. Now try beating me in golf.
* And to the Wall Street that pushed the stock up 9% in after hours trading, McNealy’s parting words: you ingrates!

Following the time honored tradition of hazing: Incoming Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz told reporters on a conference call that he will spend next 90 days reviewing the business and focusing on growth opportunities. My question – what the hell were you guys doing up until now?

Anyway good luck, and hope you get Sun back on track, and don’t ignore your blog. It hasn’t been updated for a while!



Is anyone really excited about Schwartz? Has the guy done anything at Sun to make us think he’s going to do an exceptional job as CEO? I know he ran the software group and gee if Sun isn’t the software giant…


Hey Om, check out what HBO and Sun Micro doing on ”’Server Video On Demand”” and ask yourself if their Neighbors at Level3 down the Hill along with across the street Storage Tek going to be part of this NEW DELIVERY Video on Demand Solution????? Vonage in TOP 10 Customer List of Level3 today along with Sprint=======and the Level3 Wagon leaves the BARN for first time in 6 years!

Emery Jeffreys

Many years ago, Scott McNealy and Andy Grove were speaking at a conference at Netscape. It was right after Intel faced the big problem over Pentium chips with the math divide error.

McNealy said he had great respect for Grove, but added, “when Sun ships a computer, I guarantee it’s chip will divide.”

Grove said nothing. I’d like to say I observed Grove cringe just a little bit.

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