Apple May Put Up Ads in iTunes; Working With ESPN


In the scheme of things, this was to be expected: Apple is considering putting ads within the iTunes client/environment, reports Ad Age…The introduction of visual ads could be the first step to allowing ads in other content areas or on iPods, surmises the story.
Apple’s current plans call for the ads to appear only in the lower-left corner (the “Now Playing” window) of the iTunes library. From the description of it, it sounds like ads will only start in the podcast section of iTunes: ESPN Radio, which supplies some of iTunes’ most popular ad-supported sports podcasts, is working on this with Apple.
Apple executives wouldn’t comment. But CEO Steve Jobs has supported the idea of ad-supported podcasts, so adding a visual component to the existing audio ads isn’t much of a stretch, the story says.
Of course, podcasts through iTunes and other areas are already embedding audio and video ads within the shows.

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