OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #20


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Join us on K-PEN radio where  Marc Orchant and James Kendrick gives us the latest news and views of the Tabletscape.  Show #20 debunks the myth that UMPC/ Origami will displace the Tablet PC and calls attention to the Dennis Rice article wondering why can’t we all just get along.  Gateway has introduced two new dual core models and a discussion about the retail success Gateway has enjoyed in the Tablet space.  Don’t forget to enter the Origami Project contest and win a Samsung Q1 and Slingbox- time is running out!  Tablet PCs in education- one university bans all laptops/ Tablet PCs and another requires first year Tablet PC usage.  Marc lost his Treo stylus so if you see it please return it.  He also wants to see a special set of Lee Press-on Nails for touchscreen Tablet PC users.  Seriously.

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Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.

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