Jason Spero, Digital Chocolate


Who’d of thought Digital Chocolate was more than just Trip? Jason Spero is Digital Chocolate’s VP of marketing, so he his answers are pretty long-winded, but interesting none-the-less. He’s as direct as Trip: “I won’t name names, because you’ll quote me on it, but we have on our wall in our office a Dirty Dozen – and the dirty dozen are applications that we think do great damage to the industry, whether it’s because they get lots of downloads because they have good brands, but then don’t deliver on user expectation, or because they have gotten enough love from operators that they have been in a featured position for quite some time. There are a lot of them in the racing category, and there are a lot of them in the movies category – and every time a user shows up and downloads one of these, that user is going to be lost to the mobile ecosystem for quite some time.”
There’s also some interesting stats about DC…155 people split fairly evenly between Helsinki and San Mateo, and distribution relationships directly with all the major operators in Europe and the US. It’s just a really good overview of Digital Chocolate, to be honest.
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