Two Cool New iTMS Features


Two handy new features were added to the iTunes Music Store today.

The first feature, which I am quite excited about, is called Commercial Success. Everyone has heard a song on a TV spot, loved it, but had no idea what it was called, or who it was by. Commercial Success lists songs featured in the most popular commercials at any given time. There are a number of sites dedicated to this concept, but it is nice to have a definitive source where one knows they are getting the right information.

As Heard On, the second feature released today, does the same thing as Commercial Success, but lists songs used on popular TV shows instead of commercials. Currently, American Idol is the only show supported, but more programs are expected to be featured soon.



The Commercial Success feature is interesting, but you can’t search it by product. Seems pointless if you can’t put in a product name and get a result.

Right now As Heard On is just for American Idol. If they were to expand this to the many other shows that feature popular music (like Veronica Mars, Or Alias for example) it would be very cool. I have seen fan sites that list all the songs on each show. It would be pretty easy to pull those into iTMS. Probably easier than getting it from the producers of the shows.


Well whatever they are, new or not, i like it….now i don’t have to spend forever searching google for it…


By the way, got to your site through 9rules yesterday. You guys got a great thing going on here, will be reading regularly! Cheers

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