Increase productivity 20% to 30% by adding a monitor


Dual_monitorsThe New York Times has figured out what Eric Mack, James and so many of us already know: additional monitors in your workspace can increase productivity dramatically; up to 30%.

"Adding a second monitor turned out to be the easiest, mostcost-effective and significant improvement in my work since I replacedmy modem with high-speed cable. Now if I can just rig my laptop as athird screen … hmmm."

If you spend hours in a computing environment and haven’t considered a multi-monitor solution, it’s well worth a look and not difficult to implement. I can personally attest to saving precious time with more screen real estate and having important apps opened on my main screen, along with supporting apps and info on a secondary or tertiary monitor.

For additional information, techniques and products that can help you extend your desktop and productivity see the following:


Josh Einstein

Actually I don’t know if I agree completely. I much rather prefer a large (24″ at 1920×1200) monitor over multiple monitors. I don’t like the disjointed feel of two monitors and find myself always struggling over which monitor applications will open on and if you disconnect the other monitor, not all applications will move over and some are very hard to get back onto the single monitor.

But I can’t say enough how much I love that 24″ Dell. I’ll never go back!

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