iChat and Adium should get married

That’s right, Apple. You should help Adium out by contributing the one thing that keeps me using iChat – video conferencing. Sorry to say, but iChat isn’t much good for anything else. I like that it looks through my address book for potential iChatting buddies, but anyone with a year of AppleScript experience can do that. Sometimes you complain and run out without notice, but no one else delivers video conferencing like you. Why do you insist on having different windows for Bonjour, Jabber, and Buddy List? Can’t I pick what I want to you to look like?
On the groom’s side, Adium, what’s the deal with not supporting video? It’s great you can handle a lot of different chat protocols, but text is so 1999! It’s time to move up to the new world. So I think you should propose to iChat and make a kid. Like if Clark Kent and Louis Lane had a kid, or a vampire and a werewolf, but not as scary or threatening (it would still be immortal and kill all the other IM clients). I know how much you like to open up, and iChat does its’ typical close-minded thing, but opposites attract right? All couples have their different viewpoints, and you might fight from time to time. I think you two would work well together.


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