Hauppauge WinTV Nova-t Stick


WinTV on a stickHauppauge, long time players in the PC TV tuner world, have announced a USB stick that contains a WinTV tuner.  The Nova-t Stick comes with an antenna and supports SDTV, HDTV and digital radio, all run through WinTV’s tuner software.  Come on, go ahead and admit you’d use one on your Origami to see the playoff game, even while attending your kid’s sporting event.  Yes you would.

(CrowdedBrain via Gizmodo)



anthonybuchanan, if the sticks were designed to plug in at right angles then it would prohibit them from fitting in many laptops and most desktop systems. Besides, Hauppauge supply an extension cable with their Nova-t-Stick and HVR-900 so you can hide it out the way if you so wish.

Kevin C. Tofel

Just a clarification to our US-based readers. The tuner for this USB stick is based on the DVB-T standard, which works for European and Australian terrestrial digital television. Here in the US, we use the ATSC standard, so you can’t use this device for digital television here.


I am just soo sick of USB sticks because
they stick straight out. Why can’t a
manufactuer have the common sense to design
one that makes a right angled turn.

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