TabletKiosk introduces hard covers for Tablet PCs


Sahara_covers_detailTabletKiosk today announced the availability of hard plastic covers for their line of Tablet PCs.  The hard plastic covers come in either white or black and can be snapped onto the slate for the ultimate in protection.  TabletKiosk has always provided good solutions for protecting the Tablet PC including rubber bumpers and screen protectors so this new product doesn’t surprise me.  From the press release:

Fitting securely over the entire front surface, the Hard Plastic Screen Protector safeguards the screen from scratches, dust and spills. The sturdy plastic cover enables the user to easily slip their tablet into a briefcase for ultimate portability and keeps confidential data away from prying eyes. In addition, when the tablet is in use, the Hard Plastic Screen Protector clips securely over the back panel of the machine.

The Sahara Hard Plastic Screen Protector is available for $19.95 at the TabletKiosk web site.

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