Sprint’s NFL Draft Streaming Deal Just The Start


We missed this one last weeek, but it is significant enough from a league’s perspective: Sprint has a deal with NFL to stream live coverage of the 2006 draft from the NFL Network to 20 million cellphone subscribers, on April 29-30. Sprint Nextel charges $5.99 to $9.99 a month for Sprint TV and $5.99 a month for NFL Mobile.
As Michael points out in this column: ESPN will fork over billions this coming season to air Monday Night Football. Despite launching its own Mobile ESPN service, ESPN won’t be able to stream its live coverage of the April 29-30 draft to its cellphone customers, though it will offer stats and many other features.
And even though this is just the draft, expect more live NFL coverage on Sprint (Sprint, after all, signed a five-year, $600 million deal to become the league’s official wireless service partner in September). “We’ve really just scratched the surface,” answers Steve Gaffney, Sprint’s director of sports marketing.
Some more details on Sprint-NFL tie-up here.

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