Apple Gaming

I gave a speech today on the pros and cons of Apple against Windows Computers, and I discussed how one of the misconceptions that I’ve seen about Macs is that you can’t game on them. This of course is entirely untrue; but for some reason, many people don’t beleive you can game on a Mac. While thinking about this, and writing my speaking notes and what not, I had a thought. The thought was an entirely Mac gaming cafe. There is a gaming cafe near my house. It has free wireless, gaming, consoles, movies, coffee, the works ( Well I was thinking of how great it would be if there was a gaming cafe that ran entirely on say, Apple G5’s. These computers would easily run games like Halo, Battlefield, WOW, and Call of Duty. I regularly run, and see these games played on Powerbook G4’s with no problem, there is no reason they wouldn’t run on G5’s. The only problems with games is that most have to be purchased directly from an Apple store, and some like Counterstrike could not be played at all. But that is where Bootcamp would come into play.

The gaming cafe I attend runs on Windows PC’s with a program called “Smartlaunch” to manage user accounts, money, and time. Well, I can understand why they would want to use a software like this; Windows is fairly easy to mess up. I’m sure that there is software like this available for OS X , but I beleive you could run a Mac gaming cafe straight off of the operating system. Simply use a program like the Apple stores currently have to launch their Genius Bar software and things. Of course you would want to run a Smartlaunch type software, but in theory you could run it straight from the OS with minimal problems. It would have all the innovations of a regular gaming cafe, only the PC’s would be replaced wtih Macs. So the question is, how hard would it be to run an all Mac gaming cafe, and how well would it do?


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