Origami can take to the sky


The small form factor of the Origami has gotten people buzzing about mounting one in a car to provide true mobile functionality and lately I have seen a few people excited about the prospect of mounting a UMPC in a plane.  The Origami could provide navigation and flight planning utility right in the cockpit and this fact hasn’t escaped pilots.  Back in November 2004 (is jkOnTheRun ahead of its time or what?) we reported on pilot Ken Sutton’s installation of a Sony U750 in his cockpit and a short time later Ken submitted an article detailing how he did the installation and what parts he used.  Ken later switched from the Sony to an HP tc1100 to get a bigger screen in the cockpit but I’ll bet the Origami would be an even better size for an installation in a plane.  If you are interested in what a UMPC/ Origami can do for pilots in the air check out both articles linked above.  Here’s a photo of the Sony mounted in Ken’s plane:


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