Natural Input Software combines pen and speech for accurate input and editing of text


I received an email from Natural Input Solutions Inc. mentioning beta versions of their software that is now available for download.  Natural Input Software is an intriguing patented solution combining the benefits of the pen/ stylus with natural speech recognition and claims to provide an “accurate, efficient, and ergonomic way to input, edit and correct text using Microsoft Word”.  From their web site:

  • Ergonomically input text using speech and handwriting
  • Easily correct speech and handwriting mistakes
  • Efficiently edit text with single stroke gestures
  • Accurately insert one or more punctuation symbols

They have two separate betas, one for the Tablet PC and one for Dragon NaturallySpeaking users that provides an extension to Dragon allowing easy editing of recognized speech with the pen.  I have downloaded both versions to evaluate and have contacted the company for additional information about the two products.  The Tablet PC version sounds perfect for the Origami devices and I am very interested to find out more about this new product.  I will share that information when I have it.

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