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Mobile Music To Outgrow Conventional Music Business In India: COAI

The Economic Times: It looks like the conventional music industry in India will soon become the poorer cousin of the mobile music download business. At least the operators trade body, Cellular Operators Association of India, thinks so. It’s actually not impossible. The mobile music industry is worth nearly Rs 500 crore, according to PwC-FICCI report. The size of the conventional music industry is around Rs 700 crore. So it’s just a matter of a year or two, the mobile music business will overtake the conventional music business. According to Ficci-PwC, the conventional music industry is estimated to end FY06 at Rs 720 crore. Also the mobile music is growing at a frenetic pace, while the traditional music has declined from Rs 1,000 crore three years ago to Rs 700 crore or so.