Is Dell leaving the Pocket PC market?

Dell_aximNot too long ago Dell announced they were going to stop selling the high-capacity Dell DJ MP3 players and now rumors are flying that the computer giant will soon drop out of the Pocket PC market.  Dell Axim Pocket PCs have been popular PDAs for years but Aximsite and PDA Live are reporting that Dell will soon drop the Axim line of Pocket PCs.  PDA Live had this to say:

I was watching DL.TV today. The episode from April 11, 2006 and Patick Norton said he heard from someone at Dell that Dell will not be making any more new PDA’s. You can still purchase the existing PDA’s that they have made, but they will not be developing or releasing any new pda’s.
I guess Dell is not finding the consumer electronics market to be lucrative enough for them.

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