HD-DVD Launches; Personalization Promised Later

Yes, we moviegoers are jumping in joy and have sold off everything we owned to buy an HD-DVD player. No, but seriously, after months of jockeying between two rival camps to roll out high-def DVDs, a handful of discs (well, only three) from Warner and Universal in the HD-DVD format hit stores Tuesday. Rival Blu-ray discs aren’t expected on shelves for another month.But movie shipment delays are aplenty, as this Variety story details.
At a press event Tuesday, Universal execs talked up interactive features coming on future HD discs. Studio president Craig Kornblau promised new features allowing viewers to personalize objects in the films and chat with friends online simultaneously by year’s end.
Elaborate kiosks with huge widescreen TVs, explanatory boards and a handful of players and movies are going into about 100 Wal-Mart stores during the next two weeks, an unusually aggressive move by a retailer focused on the masses.