Fujitsu LIfebook Q2010 laptop- thin and light


Fujitsu_q2010Fujitsu has announced the LifeBook Q2010 notebook, a thin and light notebook for executives.  The Q2010 weighs only 2.2 pounds and is only .75 inch thick.  The screen is 12.1 inches encased in black magnesium for weight control, and it will lock the hard drive if it’s dropped or shaken violently.  The Q2010 only comes with the Intel Core Solo processor, probably to keep heat to a manageable level.  It has all the normal features one expects from notebooks in today’s market and adds integrated UMTS connectivity.  Who is it designed to appeal to?

"It’s executive jewelry," says Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product marketing at Fujitsu Computer Systems, of the high-design Q Series.

(via PC World)


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