Defrag your LifeDrive with Windows XP


Defrag_lifedrive_1Although it’s an appealing device, I never gave the Palm LifeDrive much attention or play time. I’m probably missing out by not having one, so I’m happy to share this little tidbit to you LifeDrive owners out there. Actually, it’s a tidbit from Brighthand that sounds odd when you think about it: using Microsoft Windows XP to defragment your Palm LifeDrive. Since the LifeDrive is hard drive based, you can flip it into Drive Mode and mount it to an XP machine. Windows Explorer should show the LifeDrive as a removable drive where you can browse or use the built-in XP tools like Defrag. It’s a relatively simple, but not necessarily intuitive solution to keep that LifeDrive running efficiently. You do defragment your drives on a regular basis, don’t you? ;)


Kevin C. Tofel

Ah, I forgot about my iPod. I don’t defrag it, which probably explains why it never plays a whole song in its entirety; it keeps skipping from song file to song file. ;)


I’m sure others who read this will disagree (then again, maybe not since this seems to be mostly a WinMob crowd), and I am clearly biased since I own a Palm TX (a purchase I’m very happy to have made instead of the LifeDrive), but don’t worry — you’re not missing out by not getting a LifeDrive. At least not version 1.

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