Akimbo, Yahoo & On Demand Video

Okay the headline is a bit misleading but there are some curious moves in the world of on-demand video. This morning AT&T (SBC) announced that it will integrate Akimbo’s on-demand video service with its AT&T Homezone service, which if you remember going to be powered by a special set-top box/DVR made by 2Wire that integrates the DISH Network, AT&T DSL, Yahoo-Broadband Services. AT&T Homezone is currently in trials. This is clearly a good move for Akimbo, which finally seems to be getting rid of its hardware strategy.

All the talk about Microsoft powered IPTV is good and great, but one wonders why AT&T is lavishing so much attention on this “Homezone” product offering. This whole IPTV thing might be going slower than anyone likes to admit. Meanwhile, Yahoo this morning acquired the technology of PVR company, Meedio. Dave Zatz thinks that “Yahoo will ultimately leverage the Meedio platform to interface with their music services and perhaps offer a video download service.”

Of course it could also mean that that much ballyhooed Yahoo-everywhere platform announced at CES is not going according to plan, and there have been rumblings that some of the developers have high-tailed out of dodge to do other things. Any tips, send them my way!