VITO AudioNotes v1.1 released


April 17, 2006 – VITO Technology updates VITO AudioNotes. Now it’s become easier to make your voice notes on the go and manage them with minimum keystrokes. Recently released AudioNotes has already received a lot of feedback from the avid PPC and Smartphone users and turned out to be a real must have application.

VITO AudioNotes is a WM 2003/ WM 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC recorder that supports major world-wide spread formats: WAV and MP3. It records voice notes either in MP3 or WAV with different quality – low, middle or high. Apart from taking voice notes, VITO AudioNotes is especially good at recording phone calls on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones.

Among indispensable features VITO AudioNotes offers you are: VAS (voice activated system) for gapless recording and Mic Auto Gain for increased microphone sensitivity. So that you don’t need to shout to record every word and when you keep silent recording pauses. User-friendly interface realized in form of control panels gives you full control of recording and playing your voice notes, lectures or phone calls.

Among new features presented in VITO AudioNotes there is an append option that allows you to continue recording to the same file after it has been stopped. Calls auto recording is self-explanatory: all you need now to automatically record incoming and outgoing calls is just have VITO AudioNotes running in background. Interface has also been tuned up: incoming and outgoing calls have the familiar differing icons and the corresponding name or phone number from your contacts.

VITO AudioNotes is available for $19.95 at It supports Russian, English, German and Spanish. German and Spanish users can download AudioNotes from
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mika lipponen

hi JK,

Good tip. This little app is very much what I need… I am also on the look out for a good mobile email software. I chanced upon this J2ME software on Javalobby called PEGASUS from a UK company, I wonder whether you have used it or know more about these guys? They just launched their PUSH mail client… I’m looking forward to the launch of the PRO version of PEGASUS that supports attachment viewing on your mobile. Check them out…

Phil Ferris

I have been investigating VITO’s SoundExplorer, with it’s id3 tag editor and the ability to append recordings in the middle or at the end, I think it will make a great mobile podcast maker.

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