View Traffic Cams on your Windows Mobile device with Traffic Vizzion


VizzionGot a Windows Mobile 5.0 device and a wireless internet connection? Wondering what the traffic looks like from a birds-eye view? Consider the two week trial of Traffic Vizzion for your mobile device. I just gave it a quick download via my EV-DO connection on the XV6700 and after one quick configuration choice for my location, the picture you see here magically appeared. Since today’s my first day aboard, I thought to share one of the more prominent local driveways highways, I-476 and I-76 near Philly. If your device has integrated GPS, the application can even show the traffic cams nearest your vehicle or further along your route! Over 50 metro areas are currently supported; after the free two week trial, Traffic Vizzion will cost you either $5 per month or a yearly fee of $39.

(via Windows For Devices)


Doug Toombs

@Kevin: Thanks for the prompt reply. I was installing it on an i-Mate K-Jam. For some reason, the downloaded/ActiveSync approach didn’t seem to work … but going straight after the CAB over-the-air seems to have done the trick. Will go give it a try …

Kevin C. Tofel

Doug, I didn’t have any issues with the install on my XV6700 even though it didn’t show as a supported device on the Vizzion website. Which device did you try to install it on? Did you grab the version for Windows Mobile 5.0? They do have a PocketPC version as well as a Smartphone version available, so that may have something to do with it. I also didn’t install via ActiveSynch; I used my XV6700 and IE to navigate to the download page and grabbed a small CAB file. The app is working really well for me.

Doug Toombs

Were you actually able to get this app to work? After performing the download, my WM5 device refused to install it claiming that it was not digitally signed.

For some reason, I expected my device to give me the option to wave this requirement – I’ve installed lots of circa-2002/2003 apps on my WM5 phone – but for this one it didn’t. Strange.

Oh well, looks promising.

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