Verizon Boosts Spanish Language Content For World Cup

GoleoVerizon Wireless has signed a deal with spanish-language broadcaster Univision to gain exclusive US rights to mobile video clips, recaps and highlights of the 2006 World Cup (Copa Mundial de la FIFA Alemania 2006) from content distributed on the Univision, Galavision and Telefutura networks. This is an astoundingly good idea, considering there will be a far higher proportion of spanish speaking people wanting this content.
“Once 2006 FIFA World Cup matches begin on June 9, 2006, V CAST customers will have access to video clips, recaps and highlights of all 64 matches right in the palms of their hands. Clips covering goals and key actions of the match with Spanish-language commentary will be on V CAST within 30 minutes after halftime and again at the conclusion of the match. In addition, customers will be able to watch a recap of the match, including all goals and key actions, within one hour of the end of each match. Additional details regarding 2006 FIFA World Cup content will be released in the coming months.”
Incidentally, something that was announced during CTIA and got lost in all the commotion was the fact that Up-Mobile has scored “the exclusive mobile rights to offer Spanish-language content in the US and Latin America featuring the 2006 FIFA World Cup Official Mascot TV Series”. The mascot is Goleo VI, which appears to be a couch-potato lion, who has a sidekick Pille — the strong-minded football. Two series based on this have been created: The first being a live-action puppet format with 21 episodes of 40 seconds each, and the second a 3D animation made up of 24 spots of 10 seconds each.
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