Origami Project contest- win a Samsung Q1 and Slingbox


From the Origami Project web site:

You’ve read all the product announcements and dreamed about what you’d do with your UMPC, now we want to know, what do you plan to use it for? Tell us why you love the UMPC concept and how you’d put it to good use and you could win your very own Samsung Q1 UMPC and Slingbox™! With the Samsung Q1, you’ve got a full Windows XP computer in a great portable form factor. Paired together with the very cool Slingbox and you can broadcast your live or pre-recorded TV from your house right onto your UMPC.

Write an essay (no more than 250 words!) telling us why you think the UMPC concept is so great and what plans you have for yours once you get one. We’re looking for entries that fit the theme and are creative and original, and for our sanity, it helps if they’re well-written too. :)

Send your entry to umpcwin@microsoft.com by midnight PT on 4/28/2006Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, and District of Columbia. Winners will be announced on the site the week of 5/15/2006.

We’ll review the entries and pick five winners and ten runners-up. The five winners each get a Samsung Q1 and Slingbox. Ten runners-up have to make do with a cool origamiproject.com t-shirt.

Read the Official Contest Rules to find out how to enter and to get all the usual legal details. Read the Privacy Statement if you have concerns about personal data.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

PS – don’t read too much into the estimated price of the Samsung Q1 in the contest rules – until Samsung announces their price, we’re all still guessing!



This isn’t open to us illegal residents?


…Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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