Kevin Tofel joins jkOnTheRun!


Jk_icon_100pix_3Kevin_2006_100pixI am very excited to announce that Kevin Tofel is joining me here on jkOnTheRun.  Kevin will be writing about mobile tech and any other subject he wishes to share with the readers.  I have been after Kevin for a long time to join me here and am very happy he has finally surrendered decided to join jkOnTheRun.

Kevin and I began working together three years ago when I asked him to help admin PocketPC Tools.  That association led to a number of joint projects including the now defunct TechADDICTION Podcast and the ever popular MobileTechRoundup Podcast.  It has been nice to see Kevin’s accomplishments over the past three years and I am happy to have him join jkOnTheRun.  Kevin has a nice converational writing style and an astute view of the mobile technology segment and he is a nice addition to jkOnTheRun.

Kevin is hitting the ground running and will be posting some articles and a video review shortly.  I will still be submitting just as many articles as I have in the past, we will now get twice the good coverage of mobile tech you have come to expect from jkOnTheRun.  Join me in giving a rousing welcome to Kevin and make him feel right at home.



i like to read thistype of information kavin i from india best of luck!byeeeeeee


This combination is a very good idea. You guys provide good balance to each other and are both extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. I look forward to the synergy! Good luck, all!

Tracy Hooten

Cool! More jkOTR! The initials even work. Now it can be James and Kevin OnTheRun ^_^.

Plus, it’s one less site I have to keep up with (Kevin 2.0, not JKOTR), heh.

David Ciccone

Congrats guys! I am so honored to be doing MoTR with the both of you! You guys will always succeed in anything you do! Best of luck!


Welcome Kevin! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on Kevin 2.0 and I look forward to seeing how things progress here now that you’re onboard.


what a great announcement!This will make what is already a great site even better! As always,I daily look forward to reading your timely articles and comments!


Jim Amorin

Welcome aboard Kevin…and it’s a good thing your name starts with a K so the JK on the Run (James and Kevin)still works.


Great site all along, but this is excellent news, and I look forward to enjoying the new and improved coverage!

Philip Ferris

Congrats to Kevin.

Well I never guessed that one.

I’ve been espousing small form factor devices since early on in voicemails to Tech Addiction – it’ll be good to have double the content.

Cheers guys

Phil from Cornwall, UK

Khurram Farooq

Welcome to JKotR Kevin! I have always enjoyed reading the coverage here on JK, specially the ones about the Ultra portable PCs’ like the U571. I am a firm believer in the form factor, and think that UMPCs’ are the best thing to happen to the PC form factor in a long while. Hope to hear from you as much as we hear from James.

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