Copernic Desktop Search goes 2.0 beta


The folks at Copernic (or Mamma) have released a beta for the latest version 2.0 of the Desktop Search program.  It looks like they have completely reworked the UI as well as added simultaneous searching of all categories, something sorely needed.  From the Copernic web site:

  • Copernic betaRedesigned user interface for even better usability
  • Significant performance improvements for:
    • Search as you type responsiveness
    • Indexing speed
    • Query speed
    • Memory usage
  • Simplified and streamlined installation process
  • Simultaneously search in all categories with the new “All” category
  • Eliminate spelling errors with smart query correction (a.k.a. “did you mean”)
  • New “as you type” suggestions for advanced search fields
  • Improved result views with picture thumbnails, additional sorting/grouping options, etc.
  • “My Searches” feature lets you save your favorite queries for one-click reuse
  • NEAR search operator to find keywords that are in close proximity
  • New advanced search fields, such as “File Name”
  • Wildcards support to broaden your searches by file name
  • Completely redesigned deskbar with:
    • Direct access to search results
    • Per-category result filtering
    • Contextual result management commands

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