Two interesting new cell phone technologies


This past week saw the announcements of a couple of innovative technologies that could aid the mobile phone in becoming miniature work terminals.  The first is a patent filing by Samsung that describes a Virtual Display that reads input made with an electronic pen to provide a full-fledged data terminal.

Samsung virtual display

The mobile phone will read the inked input on the virtual screen projected onto a flat surface and turn it into digital text for the application.  It has immediate application for email and IM applications.  Ink on your mobile phone is a real possibility with this technology, of course it will be quite some time (if ever) before this patent application becomes a real product.

The second technology was revealed in an announcement by ILJIN Display and is the development of an ultra small LCD panel for projecting images from a mobile device to a wall or screen.  This projector is tiny enough to be incorporated into small mobile devices since it uses a single LCD to project the display rather than the 3 LCDs current projectors require.  This product may be available pretty soon as the company plans to start mass production in September of this year.  Obvious uses for an integrated projector such as this ILJIN Display are TV viewing and making presentations from your PDA or cell phone.



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Chris Paton

I’ve wanted to see a projection display in a mobile device for a long time – great to see it’s finally becoming a reality!


Those are really sweet! I can’t wait to see them put into action!

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