New Averatec UMPC?

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Brighthand is reporting a new UMPC device from Averatec that sports a 5 inch screen and a sliding keyboard.  According to the article the AHI screen will run at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 which I find a bit unbelievable for a 5 inch screen.  Talk about squinting!  The AHI reportedly will have 2 USB slots, an SD/MMC slot and a 2 megapixel camera integrated into the small device.  This device was first reported on I4U but Averatec asked them to remove the article and photos.

Averatec AHI

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I hope they go through with it. I have a C3500 and to be honest the only thing that would force me to change it is that the digitizer isn’t 100% reliable all the time. That can get anoying real fast after a couple of client meetings.

A touch screen slate with a slide out keyboard would be perfect and Averatec is a company that has no problem pricing their products beneath the rest of the market.

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