WIPTE conference papers available online


I mentioned the Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education (WIPTE) earlier this year and jkOnTheRun reader Bryan attended the conference and sent me an email about how great the conference was.  It was held last week and there was a full program of presentations that covered the use of pen-based computers, that’s Tablet PCs to you and me, in the field of education.  Bryan points out that all of the papers are available online (PDF) for download so if you were unable to attend the WIPTE conference you can see what you missed.  There are some great topics covered in these papers including the use of Tablet PCs to screencast lectures and using a Tablet PC as an E-Chalkboard in the classroom.  Next year the conference will be held in June so keep an eye on the WIPTE web site if you would like to attend.  Great stuff for educators!  Thanks Bryan!

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