Two kudos due in the Tabletscape


TPC Post logTabletPCPost has racked up over 200,000 downloads in just two years of existence and they deserve a huge congratulations for this milestone.  The site is the best source of software for the Tablet PC and is soon to add downloads for Origamis as the software becomes available.  I remember when they launched the site and when I saw how well organized the program information appeared I knew they had a winner.  There is no better way to get familiar with program options for Tablet PCs and hitting this download milestone bears witness to that.  Kudos to all involved!

Along with the TabletPCPost milestone comes word of another big achievement– Josh Einstein and his great program TEO have accounted for nearly 10% of those 200,000 downloads all by himself.  TEO is a great program for Outlook users on the Tablet PC and another big congratulations to Josh for the popularity of TEO.  Well done all around, I’d say.

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