EyesBoard- on-screen keyboard for touch screen Tablet PCs


PlazaLogic has a program, EyesBoard, an on-screen keyboard for Tablet PCs with a touch screen.  Sounds like a good fit for Origami devices to me.  EyesBoard brings the following features:

  • Keypads can be resized to accommodate for stylus and/or finger input
  • Looks and behaves like a physical keyboard to optimize user recognition
  • Multiple keypads (e.g. main keys, numeric keys, function keys) that can be snapped together.
  • Keys and keypads are defined in XML and are easy to customize
  • Different color schemes
  • Can be docked to the bottom of the screen, so the remaining upper screen space is for other applications.
  • Logon keyboard, with restricted function set to maintain system security
  • Multi-lingual. Key layouts and captions adapt to the current input locale.

The program provides a keyboard for logging into Windows that lets you log in with your fingers.  The keyboard can be used either floating or docked and is fully resizable.  There are assorted keypads that can be detached from the main QWERTY keyboard for specialized data entry. No word of pricing on the EyesBoard web site so contact the company for information.



I can’t wait to install this on my Fujitsu P1510D!
Since I can type very quickly on a Querty keyboard this software might work better for me than dialkeys. I guess dialkeys is great for holding the machine in your hands and this software will be great if the machine is sitting on a desk.

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