Exciting change coming to jkOnTheRun!



I am really excited about a change coming to jkOnTheRun next Monday.  I can’t tell you what it is but I believe it will bring a breath of fresh air to the site and provide even more news and reviews of the mobile tech world.  You’re going to love this– I can hardly wait! 



Kevin C. Tofel

I’m with Dennis on this one. Will you have a “Week 1, Week 2, Week 3” type of announcement. Better yet, is there a leaked video of the news we can view? ;)

Richard j Smith

Hey Jk,
I love this site. I have it on my favs. I was wondering if you know of any places for portable TV shows like itunes for WMV format?


Oh, great… now the agony starts and it will go on for all weekend!!! Why, why??

Looking forward to it.

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