TiVo Gets $73 Million Patent Win Against Echostar

A federal jury awarded TiVo more than $73 million in damages in a “life or death” lawsuit for the company’s patent infringement lawsuit against EchoStar Communications.
TiVo claimed EchoStar violated its patent for a “multimedia time warping system” to pause, rewind or fast-forward live TV programs by recording them on a hard drive…EchoStar said TiVo is using it as an excuse for its own failure to compete against other makers of set-top boxes.
Separately, TiVo also announced that it has extended an agreement with its largest partner, satellite TV provider DirecTV, for three more years.
WSJ: In a statement, EchoStar called the verdict “the first step in a very long process,” and said it was confident the verdict “will be reversed either through post-trial motions or on appeal.” TiVo said it intends to seek a permanent injunction preventing EchoStar from shipping its DVR products.

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