Mobile TV Exempt From Regulation in Canada


This is a significant for mobile TV advocates in Canada: TV programming currently made available through mobile and other wireless handsets is exempt from federal regulation, Canada’s communications regulator ruled. CRTC says it will continue to monitor the situation but believes that, in order to “promote innovation in delivering television to Canadians,” mobile TV services provided by Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and Telus Mobility, which are delivered or accessed via the Internet, should not be regulated.
Unlike other TV distributors, for example, mobile TV services won’t be required to carry specific channels. Meanwhile, on the opposition, ACTRA, the actors’ union, says it remains frustrated by the CRTC’s decision, calling it a great disappointment. “This decision allows our country’s public broadcasting system to be flooded with yet more U.S. programming. When is it going to end?”
The regulator left the door open for idea on non-Internet delivered mobile TV (I’m assuming that means services like DVB-H, DMB and others) and invited interested parties to submit comments by May 12.

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