In-depth reviews of the Toshiba M400 Core Duo Tablet PC

Toshiba M400Tablet owners long for powerful machines as much as anybody and with the introduction of the Toshiba M400 Tablet PC we can now find all the power we need.  The M400 has a dual core CPU that to quote Barry Doyle of the TabletPCReviewSpot, is “FAST”.  That’s his quotes, not mine.  Barry has written a thorough review of the M400 with photos and benchmarks that backs up his statement that the M400 is FAST.  I believe Toshiba is touting the M400 as Vista ready so this might be the Tablet PC that can take you into the future.  I know I really like the M400 and it’s no compromise feature list.  Of course, I wish it had an option for dedicated graphics but with the fast CPU it might not be needed.  Good review so check it out.

Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle has also published a thorough review of the M400 too which you can find here.


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