Firefox released – Universal, incredibly fast!


The Firefox team has released their latest version, including a version for OS X, which is Universal. If you load it on your Intel-based Mac, you’ll see that it’s much, much faster. The browser loads and appears, ready to go, in one “bounce”. On my G5, it takes much more than that.

If you have an Intel-based Mac, download it now.



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Jason Terhorst

Claude is right. Camino is out. Camino is a different animal, though. It’s nicer looking, and runs differently than Firefox (but is similar inside). Firefox extensions, unfortunately, don’t work in Camino.


You should also point out the fact that Camino version 1, after many, many years has finally been released.

Paul Stamatiou

I’ve been using the Deerpark beta for about a month before FFox was formally released and it is much faster than the nonUB ffox.


A “bounce” is what the program icon does in the osx dock while the program is loading. The more bounces, the longer the program startup. 1 bounce is maybe 1 second long.


The first time I ran it I got 8 bounces after that I don’t even get a bounce on my mac mini g4!!! It just pops open.


On my MacBook Pro 2.0ghz Core Duo (7200 RPM HDD), its not too speedy booting up, I counted 14 bounces. Not that the bounce count is any real measure, but I would not say its that much faster than the Rosetta version.


On my G5 (2.0 DP 2.5 mb) opens with one bounce. I do have a 10,000 RPM Raptor boot drive with my apps on it though.

I just discovered your blog, looks pretty good.
I’ll be back.


Yup – it’s very nice. Although I detected some slight problems with opening and closing the program or windows from time to time. Sometimes I would click the close or minimize button, and nothing would happen. But it is oh, so fast on those Intel macs.

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